Fitness Offerings


Personal Training Sessions

Join In-House Retreats, where we will teach you the ins and outs of the fitness game. Offering Personal Training Sessions year-round for clients of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session. See for yourself why Personal Training Sessions are here for you to set intentions and achieve your ultimate best!


Group Bootcamp

This bootcamp class offers a new and exciting approach to your fitness training. I developed my group bootcamp sessions from drills and lessons used by some of the most elite athletes. Suited and tailored for all levels In-House Retreats will bring you a 1-hour outdoor fitness experience that will burn calories, build strength and hopefully leave you smiling knowing YOU did something great for your body! I know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… yet you must start somewhere! Schedule a class today.



NOW Offering custom "In-House Retreats" via Exclusive Access Videos

1 Person $40

2-3People $60

Book a (45 Minute) Online  Yoga, Meditation & Intention Setting session.Includes access to pre-recorded videos or Live videos at your business location (Cross-Marketing for your business)