Specialized Yoga and Wellness

Resort Yoga


Add Value to your guests experience by adding Resort Yoga classes today! Ask about our initial consultation to best understand the needs of your guests, location, style, marketing and best practices to ensure In-House Retreats provides the best Yoga experience possible. Prepare for memorable experiences made, photos to be taken and all levels honored during this 1-hour personalized yoga experience offered right IN-HOUSE!

Bachelorette Yoga maui


Treat your Bridesmaids to a personalized yoga experience before the big day. Adding a fun twist to your every day yoga flow, providing connecting with your closest friends, an energy flowing practice that will be sure to bring good vibes for the weekend ahead. Call to book your best bachelorette experience here on Maui!

private yoga maui.jpg


Book a private 1 hour and 15 minute yoga experience with In-House Retreats; where we will take you on the journey of discovering your best self, embracing self care, nouturing your bodies needs and embracing an hour of pure bliss while practicing yoga here on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Call to learn more!



Join In-House Retreats for a personalized consultation where we will find the right styles of yoga that are best for you, learn the benefits of yoga, set you a routine of online yoga classes to experience and finish with a 15 minute guided breathing and meditation practice. Call today for more information!

  • Private Guided 1-HR Yoga (Up to 3 People)

    150 US dollars
  • Yoga for Bachelorette Parties

    Starting at $150
  • "Inspire your personal goals and intentions, Striving for the Best"

    Starting at $50
  • Team-building Fitness Activity

    250 US dollars
  • Team-building Fitness Activity

    250 US dollars
Group Yoga .png


A new way to MOTIVATE your team members and employees. In-House Retreats offers a variety of team building activities that can be held right at your location. Offering gentle yoga stretch to start their workday, mindful meditation sessions, intention and goal setting, outdoor bootcamp training and more! Call today to plan a corporate wellness event and let your team know you value their work and their health!