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8 Ways to burn more calories during your day-to-day activities.


Grocery Shopping: Next Time pick the basket! Instead of dragging yourself along leaning on the grocery store shopping cart; grab a shopping basket instead and 'Farmer Carry' those healthy groceries just like you would a kettlebell!

Driving : Put the Phone DOWN and sit UP. Chances are... if you are on your phone while your driving... your most likely slouching down in your car seat, slinking your arm beneath the steering wheel and NOT DRIVING SAFLEY while attempting to text and drive... So switch it up, put the phone down and sit up! Engage your core muscles while you drive, relax your shoulders 'back and down' and focus on your inhale and exhale breaths. Posture Police cant stop you now!

Teeth Brushing: Calf Raises. Simple. Sweet and Satisfying. Clean teeth and nice legs.. who doesn't love that combination?! Starting with booth feet on the ground and standing tall... (While brushing your teeth approx. 2min) shift the weight of your body to the balls of your feet and lift your heels up off of the ground... squeeze your bum cheeks and then slowly lower the heels back down and repeat... Add calf raises to your morning routine and notice the strength building in your lower legs during that morning breath refresh!

Morning Reach:There is a reason why you see the typical morning "stretch the arms overhead" movie scene. Get those metabolisms moving!

Car Wash: SKIP the $18.95 +Tax car wash and was your car with your strong, capable and motivated hands! Save money, get some sun, take care of your possessions all while burning a few extra calories for your day!

Check the mail: BE that guy/girl. Do it, dont wait any longer for your otherhalf, your room mate or your mom to check your mail for you. Make a habit to walk to your mailbox after a meal everyday. Adding those short steps to your day can help burn calories from that last yummy feast you had.

In-Line: Anytime you are "in-line" take a few moments to recognize your breath. Try and Breathe deeper through your nose and allow your exhale to be slightly longer than your inhale. Talk about internal fire ; you create your own!

Walk-it Back: Return your cart to the front of the store. If you do choose to take a shopping cart, the next time you head into Walmart, Ross, TjMaxx etc. take those extra few steps to not only return your shopping cart to the "return carts here" spot but take the hike back up to the front of the store, give a smile and a thank you to an employee and be that example for others!


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