Surfing Etiquette

Aloha Surfers and Inspiring Surfers! Learning to surf is so much fun, such a thrill and something you’ve always dreamed of… now your hooked and its good to know some surfing Etiquette and tips to be that surfer that spreads and shares the stoke with others! Here are a few KEY Surf Etiquette essentials and a few tips I’d like to add for your next epic Ocean session! **SMILE when you paddle out! Do not be shy about your surf stoke! As we all know a smile can go a long way, so g

Connection between Surfing & Yoga

Body, Mind and Soul. Surfing is more than just standing on a board and yoga is more than just being able to touch your toes. One big important thing that YOGA and SURFING have in common is MINDFULNESS! When you are practicing yoga it teaches you to match your breath to your movements and to also be aware of your body as you move through a series of poses. When you are surfing it is also very important to be mindful; mindful of your surrounding in and out of the water, mindful