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Connection between Surfing & Yoga

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Body, Mind and Soul.

Surfing is more than just standing on a board and yoga is more than just being able to touch your toes. One big important thing that YOGA and SURFING have in common is MINDFULNESS! When you are practicing yoga it teaches you to match your breath to your movements and to also be aware of your body as you move through a series of poses. When you are surfing it is also very important to be mindful; mindful of your surrounding in and out of the water, mindful of the waves, currents and weather conditions and also important to bring yourself into the present moment to catch your best wave!

When I am teaching surf lessons I like to remind my students to breath, just as I do when I teach my yoga classes.I find the Breath is a very powerful tool for surfers. Bringing breath to each paddle stroke, breathing deep to catch your breath after each exhilarating wave and noticing each breath to bring you deeper into the EPIC moment of surfing waves in Hawaii! Taking a few extra moments to stretch before getting in the water can go a long way; as you stretch breath …and then you tend to bring awareness to any tight areas to the body, then releasing them with a deep breath and a little stretch before jumping on your board to paddle out.

So Grab a Friend and Strike a pose, remember its okay if you cant touch your toes! Make yoga fun, find time to stretch as only you can treat your body with what you know is best! Enjoy your waves, embrace the breath and take extra time to be present in the ocean putting your mind to the un-wind test. Share the stoke as its really no joke, embracing the ocean as you breath through every stroke. Sending Namaste and Aloha vibes and don't forget to keep your mind on the prize.

<3 Hope to see you in the water or on the yoga mat!

You can Check out my YOGA YOUTUBE channel at “Lil Ripper Yoga” or follow me on Instagram to join in on one of my Maui Yoga Classes. If you have never tried to surf before than I hope you get the chance, come surf with myself and Maui Surfer Girls and use code “Victoria10” for a discount on your next lesson!

Preparing for a Surf Session with a nice Yoga flow

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