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Is SUP Surfing hard?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

A question that is repetitive, slightly tiresome and constantly addressed to those of us who paddle board.

Woah bold statement aye? Bold, yet true and I have created this post to share my thoughts, theories and facts about Standup Paddle Board Surfing VS Longboard Surfing. My passion for both surfing and paddling alike is vibrant and I am here to share benefits and drawbacks as I see from experiencing both on a weekly basis.

The answer is complex, paddle boarding like many other sports takes practice, patience and a positive attitude. So is paddle board surfing easier than regular longboard surfing? No, they are both challenging. Both surfing and paddle surfing take balance, strength, ocean knowledge and the right attitude. Below I have laid out a few differences between paddle surfing waves and longboard surfing waves, the board you choose to ride may or may not be determined by some of these below factors; see for yourself and dont be afraid to try something NEW!


So now I ask YOU, Which would you chose? Would conditions make a difference, would time make a difference... Below is an example list of questions I, (Victoria) personally ask myself before deciding if I am going to Surf or SUP (Standup Paddle Board) Surf ...

  1. How is the wind? Is the wind blowing onshore or offshore?

  2. How crowded is the surf spot?

  3. How much time do I have for my session?

  4. What is my energy level / vibe like?

  5. Do I need extra sun protection for this session?

  6. Am I wearing the proper suit / gear?

  7. Do my friends want to surf or am I looking for some solo time?

  8. Is someone around and willing to film my session? (Progression clips are fantastic to have!)

  9. How cold is the water?

  10. Are there long lulls between sets or quick interval waves?

Now that you are dying to get in the ocean, check out some of this sweet downwind edit in the link below. Share the stoke and keep the good vibes coming!!

Aloha Vibes y'all, more will be added to this blog soon!

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