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Surfer Girls Unite- From 1 Surfer Girl to Another

Surfer Girls Unite! Wouldn't we all like to know those surfer girl hacks for living that ocean lifestyle..

Well here are just a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way of my 20+ Years of SURFING :)

HAIR: Your hair is actually important to consider when heading out for a surf sesh. Time after time those buns on the top of your head and those super tight hair ties are going to have a wear and tear on your gorgeous locks. So if you plan on surfing more these days then take the extra time to care for your hair.

ALSO prepping your hair properly before you paddle out can positively impact your surfing; by avoiding the constant adjustments and missing waves, boost your confidence with your pulled back ready for action hair style and lets be honest...coming up from a big set wave for the deep breath with your hair in front of your face is never fun!

TRICK: Put some leave in conditioner or hair sunscreen in your hair BEFORE you paddle out. French braid or tightly braid your hair, this keeps the hair from being pulled on constantly as if it were in a bun or a pony tail, the braid shouldn't have to be adjusted so you should be ready for every wave that comes your way! ( I think the pigtail braids work best) Check out this stuff called Cabana Cream that you can get on Amazon, I love it and it smells SO good!


Here are a few things to think about when picking out your surf suit.

Pakaloha Bikinis ALL THE WAY! Yes most of them are "cheeky" yet surfer girls are wearing the cheeky kinis for a reason ;) They are snug to the bum & dont fall off! Use Code (lilripper10) for a discount!

1) Does it make YOU feel confident? I find this helpful if you are really focused on becoming a better surfer; no it does not have to be the most revealing suit or brightest color but is it something that you feel good in? As a surfer it is good to have a few constants with only 1 variable... As my favorite local surf shop owner Maui Mike has said "If your taking out a new board try to remember that your new board is the variable and the constant (thing you are confident with) should be your favorite surf spot that you know very well. This provides the surfer the proper environment to get to know your new board..." This being said it is good to wear a bathing suit you are comfortable in just like it is good to surf with a board you are confident on :)

2) Under the arms? Make sure your suit is NOT tight right under your armpit area, this will 9/10 give you that underarm rash from all your epic paddling. Tip: If you just LOVE the suit and you think it may rub the wrong way then you can cut a bandaid and place it on the inside to avoid some of the chaffing but make sure to add some lotion or ointment if it still seemed to irate your skin.

3) Make sure it fits, do not wear a suit that you are going to have to adjust in the lineup, no one wants to be mid-way through tying their halter top when a big outside set wave is about to roll through.. Opps! Tip:So before heading out, double tie your suit and make sure its snug and ready for action!

4) Washing: Read the labels when you buy them!! Many suits recommend that you hand wash or wash on gentle etc. make sure you do your best to follow these guidelines as I have really added to my suits lifespan by hand washing. Tip: Take your suit with you in the shower, use your soap and rub the suit together just as the washing machine would do, rinse and repeat.. I use cool water when doing this for my bright suits.. then hand it up in your shower or outside to dry. (Every month or so I will gather up my suits and do a delicate wash in the machine but never throwing them into the dryer)

THE SUN: Protect your skin AND Protect our reefs!~

It is always a good idea to put sunscreen on before a session in the surf ... especially on the back of your legs, the tops of your feet, your face and those beautiful lips! Do your part to protect our oceans and use sunscreen that is SAFE for our coral reefs. Check out Lahaina Orgaincs all Natural sunscreen that is safe for our beautiful oceans. I also like Raw Elements and their Pink Lip sunscreen! Also the Sun can really dry out your hair so check out the Cabana Cream I mentioned above!

1)If you wear sunglasses make sure they have a string attached or they are bamboo and float!

2)Hats, if you wear a hat go for the "Trucker Hats" they float and are breathable and stylish :) Check out the cute ones that Maui Surfer Girls has here in Maui <3

3)Do not be afraid to ask your friends "Do I look pink" if your getting red, get out of the water!

4)Hydrate, however you can remember to drink water before you surf, do it! Your session will last longer before you get to that "Im thirsty, Im hungry" kinda vibe lol


** This is VERY important for ALL surfers. Know your lineup; know where to paddle out, where is the "safe zone",recognize your land markers, respect the locals and the list goes on... check out my other blog post on Surf Etiquette for more about the lineup. Yet as a surfer girl, Tip: The rule "Ladies first" unfortunately does not always work in the surfers lineup, so study your lineup and have good surf etiquette at every surf spot you paddle out! Reminders : Yes, you have been told so many tips by your friends, your boyfriend and your surf coach but try and remember these 10 things (+ SAFTEY ALWAYS)

1)Surfing is FUN

2)Be aware and look LEFT AND RIGHT before you take off on a wave

3) Have rinse water in your car

4) Dont leave your wax face up (it WILL melt)

5) Try to talk the session up when you see a friend paddling out

6) Wear a leash

7)Be Patient

8)Do your part (Pick up trash on the beach, help the kids, give away a wave or two..++)

9)Motivate your fellow surfers

***10)Embrace the STOKE... yes you can cheer for friends on waves, yes you can talk story about your session, yes you can take footage and pictures, Say YES to the stoke and let the power of surfing bring you sheer happiness!

The amount of passion I have for this epic aquatic sport is indescribable but head on over to my blog post to read more about my love for the ocean and what it means to me to be “lucky to live in Hawaii”

I hope you found at least a few things helpful in this blog post, please share it with your friends and as always continue shredding and share that surfer girl STOKE!

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