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3 areas to Stretch for Surfers

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

  1. Neck : Looking left and right before you take off on a wave can be crucial; you never want to drop in on someone and it's also a great way to read your wave by looking back over both shoulders. How does your neck feel about looking over both shoulders? Do you spend a lot of time on the computer , driving , sitting and not allowing the blood flow to change in your body? Try easing your way into a standing forward fold... start by bending your knees and hinge at your waist to allow your head, neck and shoulders have a chance to RELAX! Try reminding yourself to just let go, take a deep breath and gently shake your head yes and know allowing the blood circulation to change your shoulders to relax and your neck have a chance to "breathe". Depending on comfort standing forward fold may last less than 5 seconds or may last 30 seconds (average time) just try to really allow yourself to hang loose! 🤙🏼

You can also try THIS 👇🏽 Sitting up nice and tall (like there was a wall behind your back) slowly crawl your hands outward from being on the tops of the legs to either edge of your body/mat as you take a few deep breaths try and mindfully lengthen your neck; from here you can then gently drop your head over to each size ( try to keep your shoulders down and away from your ears). FREE Pre-Surf Yoga Video


2. Low back: Finding comfort in lower back extension/ mobility can be tough for some surfers. Especially if you don't surf on a regular basis to keep these muscles "warm". Try working on thoracic (mid-back) mobility to give strength to your back body to assist with your low back extension needed at times of paddling.Try a few rounds of cat/cow (quick video)

or even seated cat/cow from your car (at a red light) while your on the way to surf!

Also try baby cobra and upward facing dog variations, try finding comfort in these movements or do your best to add them to your weekly flow of exercise to keep you (your back)ready for the next swell!


3. Lungs:

( Breathe) it is important to have your breath under control when undergoing physical activity. Breathe awareness is huge!!! Just by simply asking yourself to check in and take a deep breath can calm your nervous system, remind you the power of a deep breath and may also give you that extra boost to catch your next wave!

Check out this QUICK 3 minute breathing technique video you can try to calm your nerves, catch your breath or best yet find balance with your flight or fight response.

*Please only complete this breathing technique if if serves your practice, this technique is not recommended if you are pregnant or have any respiratory issues.

Now go surf and don't forget your snacks and water!

Coconut Taro breakfast mash is a favorite from the guests (and yoga teachers:) at Napili Surf Beach Resort.

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