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The Ocean Lessons

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Never turn your back on the Ocean, literally ... &

Never turn your back on the things you love. "A message from The Ocean"

The ocean is available to us as a retreat and an escape from a cluttered routine. It is important that we respect the ocean, learn from the ocean and always take care. When you are surfing it brings you to a state of mindfulness which in turn can help assist us in our daily lives; remembering "Don't sweat the small stuff and embrace the environment around us. Recognizing that we can learn from our environments is a huge step toward mindful, successful and happy living.

Be Patient Be kind. - Some out in the surf may want to talk, have a smiling face around them and enjoy party waves. While others may be out there for a solo, gotta go to work, stress relieving power hour.

Patience in the lineup is key, read your crowd. Respecting those who have surfed the peak for many years, allow the kids a safe space to learn and charge and be patient to know you may need more practice or endurance to surf the waves present.

Get back up after you fall. Same goes for surfing; when you fall off your surfboard the first thing you want and should do is get back on your surfboard! It takes a lot of perseverance and drive to be a surfer. After multiple times getting pounded by waves or taking on water... once you push through and catch that wave it is only the present moment that matters. Same in life today; time and time again things may seem to happen against your can barley catch your breath...Yet after you earn that new promotion, pass that test or overcome an obstacle its like catching the best wave of the day...

"The ocean is available to us as a retreat and an escape from a cluttered routine."-Victoria Chadsey

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Reminders from the Ocean

  • Always look left and right before you take off on a wave.

  • Remember to leave no trace

  • Do not bring glass to the beach

  • Please use Reef Safe Sunscreen

  • Never turn your back to the ocean

  • Know your limits

  • Don't underestimate the power of the elements

  • Check your tides

  • Protect the Mangroves

  • Take your boaters safety course

  • Always have a dive buddy

  • "Pink Sky at night sailors delight, pink sky in the morn sailor be warned"

Go have Fun in the ocean today. Go for a dip, a surf, a swim or check out some of In-House Retreats FREE at home yoga videos with the beautiful Pacific Ocean as your backdrop

Namaste and Mahalo from the Beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii.

I appreciate this space and all the ocean does for me;Victoria Chadsey

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