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Breathe Life back into your life!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I am sorry but I am speaking to YOU, because you need it. Because I care about you and how you treat others. Its time to try something new to find the best you.

So I must say I have heard the expression spoken to me “ just take a breath” whether that is because I am overly excited overly nervous or whatever crazy thing my mind wants to think about too quickly.

Phew 1..2..3.. Has Helped me

Now, I am here to tell you stop complaining about why you are grumpy, why you are over worked, why your hair is in that awkward phase. It takes 3 seconds out if your day to take a halfway decent deep breath, see if this helps you focus more on your goals and intentions. Rather than talking negative or being down on something we can not control.. work on taking a deep breath. Start with you, take a deep breath and ‘Hey’ make it last 5 seconds if you can.

Now roll out your yoga mat you got from target or that your friend left at your house and start TODAY. Yesterday you said tomorrow, so now its TODAY. Start stretching, start taking that 3-5 seconds out of your day and “Take a Breath”. Breath life back into your life… stop stressing ..about the color ink you write with, about who’s hair looks healthier than yours, about physical appearance. Just take a deep breath, at best add some movement too …. say as your breathe…1..2..3.. it starts with me.

"As you chase your intentions, know that yoga and the breath

are always there as a tool for success

I hope you continue to follow your dreams

and remember nothing good comes from being mean

No time for gossip

Only time for self-care

Breathing life back into your life with a smile to share

1..2..3.. It starts with me

roll out your mat, it may be just what you need"

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