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3 Good reasons to start Yoga

1)Increase Productivity

2)Realign your metabolism

3)Better understand how breathing can impact your everyday life


The lack of forward momentum is common among many these days. After the years of "sitting home and waiting on the world to change" the world seems to be moving slower toward productive days as it pertains to individuals. NOW Tips and finds of how yoga can "transform your mind..."

Yoga increases energy levels thus giving more space for productive tasks.

The breathing and meditation that comes with a yoga practice can benefit a wondering mind, bringing you back to the important tasks or deadlines at hand.

Businesses that offer yoga classes for employees help foster a less-stressed environment, thus encouraging the employees to work hard and strive for their productive best!


The body converts what we eat and drink into energy. The actual rate of metabolism depends on several factors including age, gender, and physical activity, which means we each have a unique metabolic rate.

Think about a yoga flow class... connecting movement s with your breath. THE JUICY BENEFITS!!


Now if you imagine if your body may be experiencing poor circulation it is not able to receive clean blood at a healthy rate; thus creating other organs to be affected without enough oxygen and nutrients needed.


Adding in a weekly yoga flow can help increase the blood flow in your body, clearing pathways for proper function... thus increasing your metabolic rate over time for a healthier YOU!

Surf to Breathe, Breathe to Surf

3.Breathing-If you have a medical condition or may be an expecting mother consult your doctor before starting any type of yoga or breathing exercise.

"Yoga breathing helps us release stress by activating the relaxation response, reducing cortisol levels, and increasing blood circulation throughout our bodies. This increases oxygen levels in our bloodstream, which allows our brains to function better and stimulates endorphins, which make us feel happy and relaxed." -Timothy Burgin

  • Breathing consciously is a form of meditation.

  • Connecting with your breath is a great beginner practice to becoming more mindful.

  • Breathing with awareness vs. naturally breathing activates a different part in your brain that can help your mind better manage emotions; emotions inward and outward expressed emotions.

  • Retention of the breath (Either before your next inhale or holding your inhale at the "top" before you exhale) has a physiological effect on the brain overcoming moments of anxiety and more.

  • Understanding your breath within a yoga class stems far beyond your yoga mat and can be used as a positive tool for your everyday life.


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