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Yoga at Maui Kaanapali Villas

Aloha, your oceanfront yoga class awaits you! *Learn more below

beach yoga Maui
Tuesday | Thursday | Friday 7:45am

ALL Levels, Resort guests, Residents and Friends welcome!

What to bring: We have yoga mats! We recommend you wear light and comfortable clothing.

The morning sun comes to say hello so bring water, a hat or sunglasses

and a small towel if desired.

yoga mats in maui

Where to park: Non-Resort guests can park at airport beach public beach access and take the nice 3 minute walk on the boardwalk south toward Lahaina OR there are a few open public parallel parking spots out in front of the Resort.

Cost: Complimentary for the Resort Guests and Owners of Maui Kaanapali Villas. ONLY $10 Drop-In for non-resort guests. You can pay cash or venmo on site.

Visitors, Friends and local residents encouraged to join this blissful morning activity.

Reservations are not required but feel free to send us a quick Direct message on instagram or email to let us know you will be joining class; we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

yoga in kaanapali

Other Frequently asked questions:

  • First Time Yogi? NO problem, we welcome YOU and all levels.

  • Can I show up late? Yes, we usually start 3-5 minutes after the scheduled start time to ensure everyone is able to make it and you have time to settle in. This is an outdoor "studio" so all are encouraged and welcome to join, please be sure to sign in at the designated table before beginning practice.

  • Can we leave early? Need to make a breakfast reservation, no problem just let the instructor know you will need to leave early and as for a pose or sign if you need a "time check" Please exit quietly and respectfully if you need to leave early and clean your mat on your way out. Mahalo

  • Sunscreen? Should you wear sunscreen, yes. It is sunny in Maui and starting around 7am the sun is out and ready to shine. Please use reef safe sunscreen and properly care for the mat after use.

  • Pictures? Have you see our instagram page and want to be featured as a yogi with In-House Retreats? Great just let us know and we are happy to take you or your groups photo after class!

yoga at mkv


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