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Alive and Well on Maui

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

So you are traveling to Maui.. How can you stay healthy while traveling? Appreciate Mauis beauty and showcase gratitude for being alive and well... and as always


Check out a few touchpoint below on how you can make your time here on Maui a positive, uplifting and beneficial experience.

  • Aloha 'Aina

  • Show gratitude for others

  • Embrace present moment experiences

  • Utilize all 5 of your senses to enjoy the beauty around you

  • DO more Yoga

Take care of the land and the land will take care of you. Looking for a nice relaxing day on the beach? No trash in sight, a clean space to set your towel, ocean life thriving around you. Perfect! Hawaii has so many amazing benefits to enjoying the sounds of the ocean waves to feeling the positive mana when a sea turtle comes up for air. To embrace and enjoy these sweet pleasures it starts with YOU! Do your part by picking up trash you see (even if it is not yours), avoid bringing glass onto the sand, ensure you are using natural reef safe sunscreen and say NO to toxic sunscreens that damage our beautiful coral reefs.

  • So remember to take care of the land and it will take care of you; showcasing the raw beauty of this beautiful world. Help reduce any stress by the sounds of the ocean, encourage deep breathing with the clean crisp air and so much more. Just make sure to leave any oceanfront (or any location) better than how you found it and embrace being alive and well.

FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. Traveling and eating out a lot can be tough if your working on your diet, maintaining clean ingredients in your everyday meals etc. EAT light, fresh, organic and best of all LOCAL food while on island. What better way to let your body adjust to being in a new place than to consume the food that is rich in nutrients and sold, prepared or grown by hard working Maui Residents. My absolute favorite thing to eat here in Maui is Acaii Bowls, nutrient rich, refreshing and a perfect pick me up... Check out local Acaii Bowl truck in Lahaina BAYA BOWLS

  • At this time Restaurants are at limited capacity so give slack to those working extra hours for less customers, those whom are working to serve you on your vacation and feel free to engage in "Talking Story" as you may just learn about what fresh fish came in from Lahaina Harbor today or where you can taste a 'straight off the tree' coconut. Engage with others, show kindness, compassion and respect and feel your attitude transform in the positive direction.


Planning to go on a big hike with the whole family? Don't be the one to slow the group down because your calves begin to cramp up, stretch! Whether you attend a yoga class experience with In-House Retreats here in Maui or you check out a few quick online videos... give your body some love pre and post hiking activities. 5 Minutes should do the trick AND think about being the most relaxed one in the group... Be the Allstar you know you can be!

Planning to go snorkeling during your time in Maui? When was the last time you stretched your feet and moved your ankles in mindful motions? Check out In-House Retreats quick yoga videos you can do in your hotel room, house or any area about 6feet by 6feet.

  • HYDRATE, Hydrate and Hydrate (Check out these reusable flasks) more... Maui provides a lot of outdoor fun activities so fuel your body properly! Stick to less sugary foods, more simple, whole grain, locally grown fruits and healthy snack bites. Try out some local Kombucha, drink from a coconut and always remember your re-useable water bottle.

Now these are just a FEW tips and tricks to feel alive and well while staying here on Maui.

Remember to hydrate, eat local, support local, smile at a stranger and embrace all of the natural beauty around you; always remembering if you take care of the land it will take care of you.

Namaste and Aloha and I hope to have YOU drop-in an In-House Retreats Yoga class while here in Maui. Offering oceanfront classes everyday of the week except Saturdays. So go do your part, think smart and make the time to stay alive and well.

Mahalo for reading.

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