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Cheat Sheet for Yoga Postures

Downward facing dog : Its not all about getting your heels to the earth, this can take YEARS of practice.

Avoid pressing the head further past the arms; allow arms and biceps to align and avoid sacrificing your back alignment.
Open your heart and allow the sun to kiss your face

Upward Facing dog: "Get that turtle head out of his shell!" An expression I LOVE saying in my yoga classes as this one seems to click with many, and especially out here in Maui where the sea turtles are all around and coming up to the surface to say hello during many of In-House Retreats Oceanfront Yoga classes.


Three legged dog: In your downward dog, lift one leg to test your balance in 3 legged dog. THE HEIGHT IS NOT IMPORTANT your hips staying square, your head and neck relaxed and your belly button facing toward the earth.

Ensure your "Hips don't lie, keep alignment; don't rotate to the side.

Warrior 11 : "Is your airplane flying straight?" Check the alignment of your arms in Warrior 2... is your back arm in straight alignment to the front as if you were a flying airplane? Ensure you are aware of the upper body in this posture as a significant amount of strength and focus are needed to accomplish good alignment in this posture

Take your gaze over your front fingertips

Photographs taken by local business; Hawaiian Lifestyle Studios. Promoting products, services, fashion, advertising, videography and more to bring your brand to life!

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