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Don't forget the basics. Leave your house ready for success.

Working a full time job, taking care of a pet, paying your bills on time, maintaining a relationship with friends and family all while trying to keep your sanity and still have fun in life.... pssst its tough, yes it can be. YET, there are a few simple things you can do to create more time for YOU. Honoring self-care and carrying on with your passions is important to everyday life success. Here are a few simple tips to save time in your day, leaving room for that afternoon activity, yoga class or time spent exploring the great outdoors.



1) Pack a lunch box. Save money, don't get hangry and dont waste time stopping at the quick-mart for a pick me up snack.

Remember: FOOD IS FUEL!

2) Lay your clothes out for the next day the night before. Yes it sounds very posh of you, yet that random time in the evenings we have after dinner to do nothing but enjoy netflix and a food belly... go through your closet and lay out your clothes next to your bed to be prepared for the next day of success. BETTER YET, Lay out yoga or fitness clothes get kick your butt in gear first thing in the morning for a quick 20 minute power walk or yoga video before you spend the next 8 hours at work potentially sitting inside. Do not waste your creative energy in the morning trying to plan out your best outfit... allow your mind to wake up slowly and mindfully and leave room for your thoughts to start your day with positive power at work!

3)Skip the "Duck Talk" (Quack, quack, quack, complain, complain... etc.) in your work cafeteria or your lunch date that your trying to squeeze in to see a friend on your 1 hour off work. Take that time for you! Grab your lunch box, enjoy your healthy sandwich or healthy light lunch you packed and then go for a walk outside, around your property or throw your headphones in and listen to your favorite motivational speaker while you work on recognizing your breath and reconnecting with your best self. Do more than just eat comfort food and continue to sit on YOUR time off, enjoy something different and generate a spark to help you finish the rest of your day.

4) Connect your bluetooth to your car, read the manual, ask your kids or whatever you may need to set it up. Utilize drive time to catch up with family and friends, use bluetooth hands free of course so you are driving safely but utilize your travel time to catch up with family, friends and get back to calls you may have missed during your day. If the phone call becomes too much or overwhelming ... what can someone say when you say "Hey, I am actually driving so I need to go, but great catching up"..... Rather than use YOUR time when you get home to return those messages and slow you down from making a yoga class on time or making the sunset down the street. Utilize that drive time to call friends and family... yet ensure you are doing it safely.

5) Pack that gym bag. Dont have one? Doubt it, we all have the bag from Tjmax or Walmart that we bought on our NYE Resolution kick. If your thinking nope sorry, the gym isn't for me.. then go ahead and reach for your old school jansport backpack or even your tacky beach bag. Throw a change of comfortable, yet somewhat *fashionable (to keep motivated) workout clothes, a pair of sock and closed toed shoes, your head phones and a water canteen. Most likely there is a cool park, beach, nature walk or gym that you pass by on your way home from work. Grab that gym bag and stay motivated; stop wasting time "Going home to change" and then finding yourself diving into instagram feeds and your big comfy couch. Go take 30 minutes for yourself after work and truly unwind... finding that after a 30 minute post work activity you return home motivated to cook a healthy body fueling dinner before enjoying that big comfy couch!

I BELIEVE IN YOU, I believe you can achieve more as it pertains to self-care. It is okay to plan time for you, its much needed and appreciated by your body, mind and beautiful soul!

So pack a lunch, pick out your clothes, connect your bluetooth and stuff that backpack, GO enjoy "you" time!

Sending nothing but Namaste and Aloha Vibes you way ~ In-House Retreats

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