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Gym clothes to the grocery store.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Read further for my thoughts, ideas and theories on fitness attire~

Some of us just LOVE workout clothes, the slimming and hugging leggings,the supportive sports bra, and guys and their over ripped muscle T-shirts. Its all good stuff. Yet, how to distinguish when its time to wear your workout gear for what its made for; ideally activity. Workout gear is created for comfort as it pertains to movement, seamless thought as it pertains to getting ready quickly and workout clothes can assist with increasing an activity regimen as you know its GO TIME the next time you throw on your running shorts!

So how does one use their workout clothes as a motivational tool to get ACTIVE?

We all love routine right? For those of you who enjoy making lists, having a planner and meal prepping healthy food this one is for YOU. Hey your fitness clothes out the NIGHT BEFORE you plan to do something active (Yoga, Bike, Run, Swim...) creating this routine will give your morning mindset more room for motivating to the gym by taking less energy and less focus on what your going to wear for the day; in turn freeing up your mind for the motivation needed to get out the door and BE ACTIVE!

Why are yoga pants such a thing?

* They are flattering

* They are comfortable

*They let you move freely

*They have confidence building tendencies ;)

Fitness Outfits vs. Pajamas

Please. Pretty please. TRY YOUR BEST to not just roll out of bed in your big cotton t-shirt and loose shorts and head to the gym. Is it easier? Actually in the long run NO. A big cotton T-shirt is going to weigh heavy on you at the gym, hide any sort of shoulder and side body activations while checking your form in the mirror, and hold sweat on your body; baggy shorts will limit your movements at the gym.. limited stretching range of motions, no lying down on the bench press machine and no big high box jumps... the amount of adjustments and hindrances baggy shorts cause it is not worth it. SO PLEASE take the extra 5 minutes BEFORE you head off to bed and lay out a pair of gym clothes or at least something comfortable yet worthy for the gym. You've got this! It dosn't have to be expensive but the proper fitness material and fit can make all the difference for your workout session.

Running errands outfit vs. Gym outfit?

Now to my initial point. Is it okay for people to wear gym clothes to run errands? Yes, is it okay for someone to be out and about getting things done, in clothes that allow them to move freely and give them that I can tackle the day confidence. Don't Judge, if they at least made the step to putting on their fitness attire this morning and get moving out their front door... that may be a huge leap forward for them... a whole lot better than sitting at home in gym clothes aye?

On another note: Take advantage of that fitness attire and do not "sweat the shower" ... if you are out and about running errands and driving around you are likely to want to take a quick rinse in the shower when you get home anyways... So with that being said, park as far as you can at the grocery store and power walk with confidence into that healthy food shopping spree ;).... take the extra effort to walk your grocery cart back up to the front of the store when you are done (The cart return rack should only be when you are in a true time crunch)... Use your gym clothes to spark conversation about outdoor activity with your friends at the market.. Think calf raise when you reach up to the top shelf... Curl the handheld baskets as you stroll the isles...Think low squat when reaching down low... and think about engaging your hands and shoulders when pushing that cart (Stop lugging that grocery cart around, use that "Gym clothes at the grocery store" strength.

Now to distinguish a few things that may be different between activewear to the grocery store and post workout attire .

Grocery Store Active Wear Top

Activewear: Ladies you may have your hair down and looking good...jewerly still on and a little lip gloss popping... yet that doesn't mean your sneakers cant be laced up and your leggings cant be adorably functional. Guys may have a t-shirt on, shin high socks and a hat... yet we all know guys wearing hats at the gym is tricky... cant wear it to bench press.. may fall off in push up position and makes your head a little hotter so these looks are looking more like activewear..vs. I just hit the gym clothes.

Post workout attire: Sweaty hair, red in the face, dirt on your shirt, full muscle Ts, sweat bands and the classic carrying your protein shaker. This is more of the" I just worked out look" and now I am at the grocery store vs. I am going to wear my cute activewear clothes to motivate myself to move freely and potentially set myself up to workout later attire.

Gym Time Workout Top

So with this all being said, do your thing. Wear workout clothes, motivation comes in all types of ways, comfort is different for all and as it pertains to wellness and self-care do what you gotta do.

Now go park in the back of the parking lot, get your power walk, calf raising, shelf squatting and cart pushing workout on!

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