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How to set Intentions.."I can...I will..."

"Go ahead and set an intention for your practice"... something a lot of us may hear when practicing yoga. What does this mean and how do you know if you have the correct intention?

"A goal is a fixed outcome, while intent is the energy behind the goal; the desire, process or the “why” that gives meaning not only to the goal itself, but the experience we have in the process."Cheryl Brewste

When does an intention need to be set and how do you think of one? Intentions are encouraged to be set before you start a yoga practice. I believe it is important for your mind to have a little something to cling too during your yoga practice; thus halting the mind from wandering off...The intention of your practice will usually be all that you need to fire the mind back into the present moment.

An intention can be an"I am...."statement ... this would help encourage you, lift you up, remind you of your brilliant attributes etc. An intention can also be an "I will statement ...." this may not be your life goal but it is something that will drive you further ... something that will motivate you to be your best self....

Taking time to breathe and think "I will..." during my yoga practice is where I usually feel my best post yoga class. Feeling driven to chase the goal or dream I currently have in mind.. I also believe that "I will..." intentions are simple to create even without being on your yoga mat.. Just taking a few minutes in your happy place... closing your eyes and imagining your "I will....." intention..

  • I will live on a tropical island one day

  • I will live a balanced life

  • I will continue to smile

Try not to overthink setting your intention as if you cant seem to think or remember an intention that you want to set, THEN that shows you are living in the PRESENT MOMENT which is a great place to be. Recognizing your breathe, noticing how your body moves and even feeling your heartbeat... when the present moment rushes over you, I encourage you to internally say to yourself "I AM PRESENT".

These are just a few examples of setting intentions."I am..." & "I will..." statements are a great place to start!

Intentions can also be set daily, a goal may be something your striving for in a week, month or even years to achieve. Yet, an intention can be set just for a particular moment in time.

Keeping an intention journal is a great practice to have; especially those seeking the "Yogi" life, a life with more stability and balance, a life of awareness and a life striving to live with a kind and open heart. Jot down simple note, positive thoughts, good days and opportunity days and all that comes to mind to help you continuesly learn and grow!

Something simple will do, just a notebook, binder or a pen and pad will do.

Take a few minutes each and every day to set yourself an intention to strive for all the way.

No need to worry, no need to fret its just an intention the goals will come when its best.

Breath in, Breath out, don't let your mind shout;

take control of your thoughts and write those intentions down.

If all else fails and your mind goes black say to your self "I am Present, thanks"

`Victoria Chadsey

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