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What to Buy Surfers for Christmas

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The holiday season is approaching and your stuck on gift ideas for your surfer friends?Look no further; here are a few ideas of gifts almost any surfer would love to get for Christmas!

A Tide watch or a Waterproof Watch: Having a watch to tell you the tides on your way to surf can be very helpful in finding the ideal location to paddle out. Also having a watch to tell the time out in the water gives you more motivation for that quick paddle out before work, knowing you can keep track of the time of your session.

A Maui Surfer Girls Trucker Hat: A hat for those longboard, mellow wave days can help keep the glare out of your eyes to look for waves and also protect your face from the sun. These hats are great because they float!

A stocking full of Wax: Surfboard wax can never be a wasted gift for a surfer as having fresh wax can make your session! Buying Cold and Warm water wax is always good to have the options depending on the water temperature you are surfing.

A simple Journal: A cool journal for both guys and girls alike can be used to document surf sessions, learn from mistakes and take notes on which spots you surfed during different conditions. I love my surf journal and it has really helped progress my surfing!

A new Swimsuit: If you know your surfer guy or girls size, go for getting them a cute new suit! If you are a surfer who charges the waves regularly it is always good to have extra suits. Whether it is to change after a session into a dry suit to drive to your next session or to just have options when it comes to waiting on laundry to be done!! Quick dry suits with seamless stitching seem to be a favorite for the guys and surfer girls hate adjusting suits while we surf, so something that fits snug or has enough coverage where you are not constantly adjusting after each duck dive.

A few other ideas for surfers gifts…

Surfboard BagsKey Lockboxes for your car keysLunch Box coolers for post surf snacksRoof Racks for transporting boardsReef Safe SunscreenAdvanced surf coaching lesson with Maui Surfer GirlsA yoga mat for surf stretching Rash Guard or WetsuitA new Surf Board!

- Surf Lesson with Maui Surfer Girls (Use code Victoria10 for Discount)

A surfers Dream

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