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"Mood Shifting"

What is a mood? Mood "A temporary state of mind or feeling"


So why do we get in bad moods? Why and how are we letting our minds have negative feelings? Things come up in life, sometimes planned and sometimes not so much. Yet, when something unpleasant comes up in life do you notice you start fidgeting more, you start snowballing (connecting everything else that may be going "wrong") and you let the unpleasant thing change your mood? Well yes this can happen, but it is important to know that YOU are in control of your mood and that feeling is only temporary. It is just up to you how long you will allow that bad mood to overcome you?

SO WITH THAT BEING SAID HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON SHIFTING YOUR MOOD. Dont sweat the small stuff they say, sometimes easier said than done... I get it.. I feel you... yet it is important that only you are in control of your attitude and how you react to things. So give a few of these a try and see if your able to do a quick Mood Shift to get you back to that good, positive, pleasant attitude that you are capable of...

1)..3..2...3.. Three seconds inhale.. two seconds holding the breathe in and then three seconds exhale..

2) Legs Up the wall... Find a wall... sit down with your shoulder next to the wall getting your but as close to the wall as you can... then roll over from your side body and allow your legs to go up the wall with your gluten, tailbone or whatever part of your glorious backside you can get closest to the wall with your legs supported and extended up to the sky. Stay here for 2-3 Minutes and Breathe, Shift your mood!

3)Mindful Movement, yes YOGA. Jump on youtube and try a yoga video... roll out your yoga mat and do a few of your favorite stretches or better yet get out of your class and join a friend for a yoga class! See a short 5 minute video below that you can try :)

4)Go outside... if you are indoors..your scrolling through instagram and you get FOMO or your boss calls you with not the best news... take a second.. throw on some shoes and walk outside.. no place to go? No problem, just walk... walk to get the mail... walk to your car and carry up those extra items you said "I'll get these later".. pick a flower.. say Hi to a neighbor.. whatever you can do to get outside! Let the sunshine heal you or the stars shine through you to change that mood!

5) MY FAVORITE! Go to the Ocean! Get in the water.. swim.. pick up some sand... check out the fish.. go surfing .. snorkling whatever you have time for... even if it is just putting your toes in the ocean. DO IT! The ocean has powerful mood shifting abilities. Especially when entertaining the thought of a water sport! Imagine out surfing... you are thinking of so much... the water conditions... the waves.. the animals you see.. your bathing suit staying on ha ha.. your movements.. and so much more.. it is hard to latch on to negative thoughts when your in the ocean. Mother nature has a way of healing, take advantage. Let your mind be present in the ocean and soak up the POSITIVE mood shift!

So I encourage you to remember that MOODS ARE TEMPORARY... soak up the good ones and shift away from the bad ones. You've got this, now go SHIFT!

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