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Skip the small talk.

Skip the small talk; for 2 days. Challenge yourself.

A small tip to inspire camaraderie in the workplace, showcase positive intentions and bring joy to those you interact with throughout your day.


"Hey how is it going"


"The weather is so nice out today"

"Yeah, so glad its not raining"

Connect with peoples answers in a personal way.

For Example:

"Hey How was your weekend, did you get into anything fun?"

"Yes, I actually learned how to paddle board and didn't fall too many times!"

"Wow that is great! I remember the first time I went paddle boarding, I didn't realize how much of a workout it was and I was really sore the next day. Did you see any cool animals out paddle boarding?

Ideally the conversation would continue.

So...try switching up the basic... "Hey how are you?" To something more intentional and engaging.."Hey How was your weekend, did you get into anything fun?"

This will hopefully help you get to know your fellow co-worker a little better by learning about things they enjoy on their day off... and you never know you may have some things in common.

Short and Sweet and to the point. Skip the small talk with those you do not normally engage with; it could be anything from the clerk who checks you out at the store, your co-worker, someone you meet out surfing or the next "friend of a friend" that you are introduced too. Try it...mix it up. Inspire others with positive connection, good listening skills and getting to know those in your community with just a little creativity and present moment vibes!



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