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START today; The daunting gym

So its time, you want to start officially going to the gym. But what is your first move? For some people going to the gym is a hobby, a passion, an obsession or just something they do to keep in shape.We all have different reasons for going to the gym so do not be influenced in the wrong way by those around you who talk about the gym excessively or those who bring up going to the gym in a negative way.. TODAY is your day don’t let anyone or any ideas in your head stop you! I would like to share a few helpful tips, tricks and guidelines for those looking to start a gym membership or even to just dropping into a gym for their first time.

Step 1:Choose your gym, find a gym that is close to your house so you cant make any excuses why you aren’t able to make it. Look at their website and see if they have a “Drop in rate” this is usually a rate you can go and try the gym out and see if you like it… sometimes gyms have a free trial period and those are even better.. you will usually sign up with your email and they will provide you with a pass to check out the gym. If your already committed to going then GREAT sign yourself up and get after it!

Step 2: Have the right gear

-A water bottle (Most gyms at least have a water fountain but if the gyn doesn’t have water you won’t want to chance not having water with you)

-Headphones and some music, music cures all! Having your own jams can help you block out those around you and stay focused on your goals

-A small gym towel if you are one of those who will sweat no matter what, you will feel better about yourself if your able to wipe the sweat as you go verses running to the bathroom to freshen up every time.

-A fitness journal or notebook. If you can be consistent and write down your workouts this WILL help you in the long run. Try and even write out your workout plan before the gym and keep track of your progress as you go!

-GYM CLOTHES (This is a big one for me not because your appearance matters but because your confidence is important)

Yes we could all go to Lululemon, Tad Mathews or whatever fancy fitness store to have the best new gym outfit YET TJMAXX, Marshalls or even walmart workout clothes will do just fine! Whatever it is make sure you have the right clothing for the gym, something you feel confident in, pants that aren’t see through, wicking material and PLEASE NOTHING GREY if you plan to sweat! I feel as though if you are confident walking into the gym with your new workout duds you feel more confident right away rather than wearing your old relay race t-shirt and gray shorts you sometimes wear to bed… if your going to commit to your health do yourself a confidence boosting favor and at least get yourself ONE new outfit for the gym!

Step 3: POA - Plan of Action

Walking in through those magical healthy golden doors. What next? First go find the“landing area/cubby area” this is usually an area near the front of the gym where people can put their keys, water bottles etc. this is usually a good place to start at the gym and PHEW your made it! This is your home base to the gym where once you walk in you can spend a few minutes standing by the cubbies, lockers or whatever area is laid out to put your things. Here you can collect your game plan for the gym, setup your music and headphones and get ready for the new healthier you!

Then Go warm up, I cant stress enough how important warming up before your workout is.. whether that is power walking on the treadmill, jumping on a stationary bike or doing some yoga and stretching on the mat area. This is where you will get your heart rate up and let your body know its time for this new healthier you. This is also a good confidence booster if you are not too familiar with the gym.. if you walk in and are able to go straight to a machine or a stretching routine you will feel like the king/queen of the world walking in with confidence and the first steps of success.

After you have warmed up you can start your gym routine,whether you are there to burn calories and do strictly cardio or there to build muscle and hang out by the weights; just know that you are there, you are present and in this moment you are

doing things to better your overall wellness. If you don't know what your next move may be then done be afraid to quickly jump on youtube… google images.. check out workouts posted on the website or even look around the gym..just whatever you do, DO NOT get caught up in an instagram feed, tinder swiping or reading over your text messages. The worst thing you can do at the gym is just waste your time being on your phone being non-productive as it pertains to fitness. So if you need to use your phone for some quick fitness insight then more power to you, but don’t get stuck swiping!

Step 4: Dont over-do it, take it slow. Your first few gym sessions back at it you should be spending about 45 minutes working out… Say 10 minutes stretching…30 minutes working hard and 5 minutes cooling down to get your heart rate to slow down before you head out. ALWAYS ensure you are staying hydrated at the gym and if any movement or exercise is painful, stop and try something different.

Step 5: Wipe down your equipment, take a selfie and smile to yourself because you are on your way to a healthier YOU!

I hope these few tips and steps help you on your 2020 fitness journey. If you have any questions or insight on any of this please let me know and I am happy to coach you along the way! I am proud of you for reading this Blog and I wish YOU the best of luck! GO GET EM!

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