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Why the Yoga hype?

"Yoga is too slow for me"... "Yoga is boring"..."I stretch on my own"... Very common responses and complete 'shut downs' for trying out a yoga class. 

Too Slow:

Yet did you know... that for those of us (myself included) that need something, ANYTHING that will slow us down... Yoga is a perfect match! As you may have heard before... there are many different styles and kinds of yoga and yes you may try a particular class and it may not be your thing, that is A OK! However, imagine a consistent yet comforting voice coaching you along the way for an hour long workout.. imagine channeling that energy you have inside wanting to say yoga is "too slow" ... to now say wow my fingers are stretching, my toes feel planted into the earth...I can feel my heart beating... all while balancing on one foot and doing (pistol squats) 1-Legged squats. Woah, talk about a quick body, mind and breath connection. If your mind is able to fully register all of that and complete the asana you must already know THE YOGA HYPE!


Slow... too on repeat... a monotone teacher and yesterdays outfit =

YES, I can agree those things would make a yoga class Boring for me. So TRY A DIFFERENT TYPE OF CLASS! Find a hip-hop yoga class, yoga in an outdoor location, brewery yoga, partner yoga, disco night yoga... whatever theme you may think of; there is a good chance a yoga style is out there for you to keep you entertained and hungry for more. Cut up some of your old T-shirts and make them into crop tops... put scrunchies in your hair and pop that gloss; now you are just an instagram # away from saying "I Take it back, Yoga isn't Boring!" @inhouseretreatsllc

I stretch on my own at home... Refer to my other blog post "Why are people asking me to yoga class" to find out more details on this one. It is 100% okay to feel uncertain of stepping up or in your first yoga class... 1.Make sure your yoga pants aren't see through 2.Know where to park 3.Have Cash/Card Ready (Support small businesses) 4.Bring your own Mat 5.Take off your shoes before entering a yoga studio 6.Be kind, polite and Respectful to the Aina and space AND BOOM you are set to go, knock out those few uncertainties, CALL UP A FRIEND to try yoga with and dont allow yourself to use the excuse "I dont need yoga I stretch on my own" YOU CAN DO THIS

Check out an oceanfront YOGA class with In-House Retreats here in Maui, Hawaii and Inspire good intentions, fuel your goals and embrace the present moments!

Mahalo and Namaste


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