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You are bored; what to do?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are you bored sitting at home? Is it too hot, rainy or cold outside that you want to use the weather as an excuse? Well look no further and check out some of these high vibe good energy activities to get YOU up off the couch!

Maui, Hawaii
Beach Clean-Up with Rebel Hawaii

Outdoors Activities:

1) Grab a reusable bag and pick up trash along the beach, your favorite park or along your neighborhood walking route. TAG @inhouseretreatsllc and @RebelHawaii and share the Stoke of taking care of the land around you!

2) Go on a walk around your neighborhood... Take 5 pictures of things in nature.. flowers.. trees.. creatures etc. and then go home and look up 1 fun fact about each item, enrich your knowledge, get outside and take time to enjoy the world around you. (Better yet, post these photos on your social media, share what you learned and create a little positive reinforcement for yourself that you went outside and got yourself "off the couch")

Women in Tahiti and Hawaii wear hibiscus behind the ear
Women in Tahiti and Hawaii wear hibiscus behind the right ear when they want to announce that they are single. Married women wear hibiscus behind the left ear.

Crafty Activities:

1) Close-pins: Have a few wooden close pins lying around? Find something to decorate them with..paint..stickers..glitter..markers... then take a hot glue gun and add them to an old canvas print.. a wooden sign (You know that one you compulsively bought at Ross).. add close pins to magnets on the fridge for notes and so much more! Use whatever glue source you have and are comfortable using. These velcro strips come in handy for crafting and easy take down projects too!

2) Turn "Nothin into Something" Take your old cereal box and break it down... flip it inside out and write a nice note or happy message to your lover, friend or roommate. (Use Markers, Glitter, stickers, inside joke (quotes) and More!

Create a Vision Board

3) Gather 5 of your favorite print out photos laying around the house, a cut out logo from your favorite healthy snack, a picture from a magazine that catches your attention, the last receipt you have in your wallet, a misc. business card that you recently acquired, a note from a family member or friend and create a PRESENT VIBES vision board. Find gratitude for all of the good things you have going on, the fun adventures you have and compile your recent memories to a collage. Use a glue stick, tape or some kind of gentle adhesive to put your present vibes "down on paper".


Mindfullness Activities:

  1. Talk a walk to the end of your driveway, check the mail, smile at a car passing by, take a deep breath or just take the nice stroll with your healthy body to the end of the driveway and back. Enjoy the little things!

  2. Paint your nails, save the $50 and treat yourself to the process of selfceare..Add a hot stone hand bath..epsom salts..lotion..trim your nails and add a fresh polish... MOST Importantly follow it up with an 8-9minute mindful meditation and or quiet time, allow your nails time to dry and your mind time to RELAX.

  3. Ask your partner, best friend or friendly neighbor to tell you a story. Something that inspires them, a memory from childhood, their first time surfing or whatever comes to mind. Take time to LISTEN and enjoys another company, allow them to elaborate, reminisce and share whatever it is... Isn't it nice to be heard? Pay it forward, be mindful and listen.

When all else fails and your still "Bored" DO MORE YOGA!

Namaste and Mahalo! TAG @inhouseretreatsllc if you enjoy any of these activities!

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