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Your Creative Flow Zone - 5 Tips for creating a productive flow zone!

I am a strong believer in productivity breeds positivity. Yet, how can you get anything done productive when your house is always a mess; you battle with overflowing laundry bins, a sink full of dishes, adorable and needy pets, outside distractions and papers that continuously seem to "run off". Now when that time comes to get some creative work done at your "desk space" you are simply drained and a nap continues to replace your productivity in fueling your goals.

So coming from the once queen of afternoon naps, here are some tips that you can implement TODAY that will help fuel your tomorrow and intentions to come!

1) Find a desk, table or whatever will best mimic a working space. Ensure you have a comfortable chair with a back and use this space only for "grind time". Do not be discouraged to spend $10-30 on some office supplies... get what you need to get you started...motivated...and ready for successful intention setting and productivity!

2)When its time to work.. Face the wall, yes the wall. The outside view is nice but if you are lookin to focus on growing that small business you have in mind, paying your pills on time or responding to those important emails that you have been procrastinating then face that wall and get it done! Also noting when it comes time to WORK, avoid unneeded distractions... disconnect from social media... turn your phone completely off...allow it time to charge on the charger...preserve your batter and phone life (for fun adventure planning and documenting) let your phone rest for just an hour a day and put it in another room while you grind on those goals! As you know, the less distractions, more productivity ! .. So go ahead and face the wall and allow your phone to take a little "nap"

3) Have ONE calendar. We sometimes tend to use too many note taking resources... from a wall calendar to a planner, to sticky notes and even scratch paper. Try to have one calendar, notepad or space that you keep your "to do lists" this will eliminate too much additional clutter in your workspace and keep you on top of your goals.

4) Headphones, earbuds, etc ... whatever you have to listen to music, use em! Living in a small space while you save money and make your dreams come true? Sharing a workspace with a busy apartment complex, adorable pets (Especially cats who love coming to sit on your computer) and roommates can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. The different stimulating noises you hear can really add a distracting element to what you may be trying to accomplish. So, this being said.... go to youtube and type in (Chill, chill focus, relaxing hip hop or yoga music) these searches usually will pull up hour + long mashups of chill music with no commercials and a consistent flow of music to keep your mind focused and able to work through the music you are hearing all while blocking out excessive noise around you.

5) Clean, tidy and put away.Use that random time of your day between 3pm-6pm. Yes during this whole pandemic we have extra time on our hands, so use it. Move it, consolidate it and do your best at putting things away right after using them. Vacuum up the glitter from your last craft project, sweep the sand piling up by your front door, clean your dishes after your meal and do not forget that laundry in the dryer :) All these things will have positive affect on your focus and allow your motivation to be used to complete your creative, money making, life changing goals you have in front of you!

ALSO check out some creative techniques taught by Marie Kondo for a clean and tidy space! This will contribute to your overall home productivity!

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