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Activity Guru: Helpful items for maintaining an active lifestyle. *surf edition

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Product Review of misc. items to help BOOST your activity game! This post has been inspired as more of a "share and tell". Stay active while juggling other daily duties ; Ocean Based lifestyle & More!

1: Beach Blanket, Towel, Sarong, Changing Towel. An all-in-one epic item to keep in your car. Something you can throw out for an afternoon picnic, a space to pop open for a quick outdoor yoga stretch and best of all use it as a portable changing room for those days the surf is good... your off work late but there is still time to do a quick towel change and go for a surf.

Here are some links of ideas below :

Surfer Towels ( These towels have super cute prints and actually absorb water, some microfiber towels "Travel Towels" are not as absorbent.)

Nomadix Towels (I have not yet tried these but they definitely have a great marketing campaign)

Mens Surf Changing Towel (Check these out, they are great for changing into your suit, gym clothes or whatever activity has motivated you!)

2. Surf Bikini / Yoga Pants

Look no further than Pakaloha Bikinis - Suits made for the barrel. Find suits with tie sides or ones that are snug and secure. Pakaloha has super cute surf shorts that are great for paddle boarding, tops that can act as a swim top or sports bra and they even make water wear yoga pants! Use Code: victoriachadsey15 for a discount

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Save those laundry detergent bottles, giant water bottles etc. and re-fill them with fresh water to keep in your car. You never know when your toes may get sandy after a lunch break beach walk or those pesky reef cuts you get if you forget to FALL FLAT when surfing. Don't forget to rinse your body and especially your boards fins and leash!

Reuse these as rinse water jugs on the go!

4.Leave in Conditioner and Your Reef Safe Sunscreens:

Pre or Post surf take care of your locks ladies! Try out some of my favorite products from cabana cream for your hair; They are reef friendly and made with all natural ingredients and smell super tasty!

Reef Safe Sunscreen : Make the Right choice; the Ocean THANKS YOU!

5. A good wetsuit appropriate for your water temp.

In maui you will usually only need a top suit or a spring suit for surfing but you may want a full suit for any kind of snorkeling or long or deep water time.

Use code VICTORIA15 for a discount on your next wetsuit purchase from Sirensong.

If you liked this post share with us on INSTAGRAM. 5 Shares and we will add another 5 items to the list!

Mahalo for your support; keep up that active vibe. YOU can do it!

Aloha; Victoria Chadsey -Owner

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